Weekly health reading by Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Weekly health reading by Dr. Madhu Kotiya

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For the week: 16-22 July 2018




You have been feeling spiritually inclined since past few weeks. This is very new for you. You have been majorly involved in material world so far. You have two or three friends with whom you work and play in joy and harmony.Destiny has its gentle hand upon you and on this time and luck is in your favor. 


Affirmation: I am at a healthy weight for my body. I am vibrant with energy and bursting with life in my new body. My confidence and radiant joy expands to everyone around me.




 You may have been feeling your health to be down the dump lately. You will make extra efforts this week to bring about improvements in your health and fitness regime. Be sure to get all your routine check-ups done. This is just a phase, take care of yourself.


Affirmation: I am in control of my health issues. Relief is flooding my mind as I know that abundance is manifest within me.




You’ve certainly forged a victory over your innate fears and sense of self worth. You’ll find finances are just fine. Taking this chance puts you into a space of creative expression, which is where you belong. Your emotional and physical wealth is brimming with joy. You attract abundance and prosperity in your life.


Affirmation: I recognize the abundance in my life and effortlessly save $XXX per month.





You may tilt towards negative self-concept this week. You may have damaging thoughts or situations that lead to you beating yourself up and feeling low and down. Look around for spiritual counselors and look upto them. Try to engage in activities that speak to your mind and soul. Listen to your heart this year and get out of your vicious circle.


Affirmation: I release my need for my current job and allow a more engaging and exciting position to enter my life.





You have been holding a grudge of some long-lost relationship or waiting for a blast from the past. Let go of your issues. This is only harming your health and not letting you move on. Your subconscious mind is blocking your progress. Holding that grudge is only effecting your productivity while the person who the grudge is for is clueless.


Affirmation: I am proud of myself and my physical fitness accomplishments. The energy and vitality of life is alive in each cell of my body.





You feel your energy levels high but your mind wandering to places. You may feel indecisive at times with restlessness preceding your every decision. Expect to apply yourself to two, probably three different avenues of work for income. But before you act on this advice, you have to go into battle to retrieve money owed to you from your previous avenue of work. 



Affirmation: I embrace the wisdom that makes up who I am. I allow it to develop and express through me.




As You’ll be undertaking a new way to run certain relationships and although this will be unstable at first, in time the new path will be beneficial, as you leave some of those emotional sorrows behind. Health issues have been surfacing but you have been ignoring them all the way. it is time to buckle up your belt and hold your horses. Pay attention to the signals your body is giving you and act accordingly.


Affirmation: I choose to love myself and be at peace with my life. I release all my destructive habits and hold close my spirit.




Go for your routine health checkups as you might be missing on to something. There have been a few fights and squabbles in recent times around you, Scorpio. It seems this is due to a lack of understanding between you and a specific other who perhaps holds the purse strings at this time. Information comes your way that encourages you to take a bit of time out from this difficult atmosphere, so you can meditate on the situation and decide what to do. 


Affirmation: I breathe easily and know that I can handle whatever comes into my life..




. You will soon find happiness within and may even tilt towards self exploration and meditation.

Extra money coming your way allows you to make a study of some sort that helps you maintain your own inner peace while the storm rages. You need a break from this environment. Take a holiday and let those who have the problems solve their own issues.


Affirmation: I possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful.



Take the time to feed your spirit. Believe it or not, your health life will benefit as a result. Drink plenty of water, juices to avoid dehydration. After a recent internal battle around exactly what you believe is your spiritual understanding, you come through to enjoying a fine spiritual harvest. But just as you feel at peace with your understandings, something occurs that has you walking away from your old, tried and true beliefs, as you take on new and quite alternative understandings. Your hopes for greater clarity will come true, but remember, it’s the journey that matters here, not the destination.



Affirmation: As I breathe in and out, I know that the undercurrent of life is calm. I can express peace and harmony at any time I choose.




You need a counselor, a healer who could dispel your ignorance. Spiritualism, meditation and other Yogic practices could be very helpful making you a balanced person.You receive news this week that a battle you’ve waged for money owed has been won. This brings you greater peace of mind and heart. You’ll feel a fancy to get deep into nature and you’ll likely not be alone as you enjoy the break that this good news has allowed you to take. We see a very contented Aquarius over this period of time.



Affirmation: I enjoy the freedom and adventure of travel. My horizons are broadened and my experiences are enriched by visiting some place new.




You are likely to be feeling a great deal of spiritual peace and happiness. Your self-esteem is possibly higher than it has ever been, which is a good thing for your mental capacity. You have been seeking spiritual intimacy recently and soon you are going to find it in the form of a friend, a colleague or even a partner. Overall health is doing you good. Keep up your meditation practice and if not, start one soon. 



Affirmation: I freely give my love and support to others. I am grateful for what I have and I share.


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