Keep Your Aura Strengthened and Intact

Keep Your Aura Strengthened and Intact

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Dr. Madhu Kotiya (a tarot card reader)

Aura can be defined as the energy shield around us which protect us from all the negativity including illnesses. Often our vibrant aura get weak and we become susceptible to negative energies which harm us in all ways like mentally , emotionally, physically , career wise, relationship wise. There is an urge to keep it intact in order to progress in life and stay in harmony. 


1. Breath deeply, do pranayam, this will energize your mind, body and soul, and will also repair and strengthen your aura. Meditate every morning it will help you to get out from the hectic daily schedule and avoid distracting thoughts and promoting a state of relaxed awareness. For meditation see the picture of a person who gives you lots of strength, positivity and happiness. Gaze intensely into  his or her eyes. Attune yourself to the magnetism you feel there. After sometime close your eyes in meditation and try to feel a response in your heart. Feel yourself bathed and uplifted by that person’s superconsciousness.

2. Spend time with nature, go to parks for walk. This is good for your physical body too, also with your aura and energy field. Nature has that good positive energy which reflect positivity in the environment. Imagine yourself in a place where everything is bind with the trees, birds chirping sounds, sound of water greenery is everywhere, on that place you can feel relax and keep your aura strengthened. Walk barefoot in the nature because the root chakra, which is located at the end of your spine and which connects you into the earth gives you a feeling of safety and protection when it’s energetically strong. This is the simple and easiest way to strengthen the aura.

3. Use sea salts for bathing and dipping your feet in water every day. This will help you wash away negativity from your aura and cleanse your energy fields by grounding all excess energy which is not useful for you. Swimming in the sea or ocean or soaking into a salt water bath greatly helps to cleanse the aura and positivity also draw out the stress from the body.

4. Stay away from electromagnetic fields. Switch off  your TV from power button, keep your mobile phones away from your aura. In 21st century everyone is so attached with their devices it must be laptop, cell phone television etc. It is kind of addiction which control your life and interfare with your daily acivities, works and relationships. Shut your all mobile phone notifications or switch off the devices and indulge into talking with the family or enjoy your memories. It will definitely keep your aura strengthen.

5. Try not to do cribbing or cursing anybody, this makes your aura weak as you are first creating negative energy within yourself and then extending it out, so first this energy will certainly harm you before it effects anybody else.

6. Try to see positive side of all situations, change your attitude towards life. Your attitude can make difficult situation easy going for your and this will also improve your aura.

7. Find things which makes you happy, happiness is the key of good aura and good health. Follow your passion do what you like like painting, sketching, dancing, photography etc., it will stay away yourself from the negativity and makes you feel joyful from the bottom, you will feel energetic. This is very common and powerful aspect of life, body and mind.

8. Spend time alone with yourself and meditate, this will make your energy fields strong. Avoid shouting and being angry, this majorly makes your aura weak. Learn to let go. Understand whatever is not coming to you is not meant for you, so let it go and vacate the place for the right things to come.

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