A Solo Painting Exhibition VISUAL SCRIPTURES by JAGMOHAN BANGANI at Creativity Art Gallery

A Solo Painting Exhibition VISUAL SCRIPTURES by JAGMOHAN BANGANI at Creativity Art Gallery

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The works of art is a Self- Concept not a one-off action to me.

Artist Jagmohan Bangani was explaining that, "Sounds take the shape of words, words overlap in language and meaning until it becomes an experience in itself and surcharge of emotions. I am exploring abstraction by using text, word, a group of words and scripts which carry some natural or spiritual meanings, and also encounter frequently in our daily life. Gaining new experiences with experimenting different text forms over the canvas surface is a sole drive to develop my art work from the beginning phase to the final outcome. I use texts from Sanskrit, Hindi, Panjabi and English languages in my work and I receive different outcome because the text shapes of each languages are quite dissimilar to each other."


"By following my perception the composition evolves as a continuous process of a metaphor by using a number of layers of texts. I attempt to harness the inner movement and thoughts of life which is inspired by the realm of the nature in order to create images from the inner world, that lies somewhere between creation and the existence. The inner strata which I want to hide are overlapped by using different colours for keeping the emotions or massages more securely. Usually I do prefer to have an opaque or translucent layer of colours by merging texts with each other, which certainly shows an idea of dispersion in my work. For me, the use of space, colours and lines are varied according to the text. The certain use of surface with specific division between the texts and words create an expected space, which is accumulated to structure an individual depth; and therefore, one can easily go through or understand the meaning and connection between the used text", he elaborate


For the artist, "Art is a continuous exploration of each and every moment of my life. I believe the journey which I am leading is itself my destination. As an artist I am always interested to explore different mediums and techniques. I try to find various ways to express my feelings and thoughts. At the beginning of my art carrier, I was portraying the surroundings, way of living, daily routine works, customs, cultures etc. of the folk people of various mountain communities. Since I belong to one of the mountain communities I was quite satisfied portraying it. I left for metropolitan cities to seek art opportunities and started visiting art galleries, museums, and contemporary art exhibitions. It hasn’t only developed my understanding about art but certainly took me ahead to explore my ideas and techniques more creatively. I started portraying my own image with creating textures over the canvas surface for few years. I remember, creating texture and using different postures of self image was my first attempt towards an exploration and I was able to obtain the desirable outcomes. But still I was not satisfied and tried to look forward to explore my technique and ideas in more creative approaches."  

 He also said, "Since my childhood I was keen interested writing texts in different styles not even using any stencils or digital means. I mastered the skill of writing texts over the years. In between I received a fellowship from Ford Foundation for a master degree program in Fine Arts; I visited a number of art museums and galleries in England, France, Germany Italy and Iceland. It really helped me a lot and I looked back to my skills and started portraying texts from various languages in my artwork. Texts from different languages have always been important forms of art for a number of artists and many artists are applying different techniques and methods of using texts in varied contexts. I think each artist has an identical aim to create something."


"There are many languages which have dissimilar text shapes and profound meanings. I yearn to use these text shapes as objects and contents in my work. I think texts and scripts are not only a powerful medium of communication; they can also be a significant part as a form of art. I started my experiments with portraying different texts from Sanskrit language and produced some paintings focusing on mantras. People chant mantras and therefore; I used texts and scripts in a repetitive form on the canvas surfaces, which I believe makes a kind of inter-relationship between the text and the process. While I was working on this subject I also looked forward for using texts from other languages. I imagined a lot of possibilities using texts from English language. Since English is a global language, it could be useful to develop my work from a wider geographical perspective. As for my subjects, I have chosen common used words, quotes and phrases which are often written and spoken in our daily life. I usually use these words or expressions in repetitive forms and develop my work layer by layer. This repetition is useful when I make a relationship between the essence of the expression, and my idea", he added.


"Further I looked using texts from other languages like Hindi and Panjabi and produced a number of artworks. I believe that the texts from the language which are readable to one viewer can be just symbols for others if the viewers are not acquainted with the particular language. The outcome of an art work changes certainly if the exhibiting space does not link with the native place of the language", sign off Artist Jagmohan Bangani. 


A Solo Painting Exhibition “VISUAL SCRIPTURES” by JAGMOHAN BANGANI at Creativity Art Gallery.

Venue and Details of the show:

Creativity Art Gallery

6, GF, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi


Date: November 24th – 2017 TO December 24th – 2017.

Time: 11am To 07pm

Contact : 011-46072799 (O)

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