14th Jashn e bachpan Festival in Delhi

14th Jashn e bachpan Festival in Delhi

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National School of Drama

Biral Topaswee

Talking about his play Biral Topaswee, Asim Kumar Nath says, “Our play is about the well-known fact that cats and mice aren’t friends. But through the play, we wanted to give the message to children that no matter how strong one’s enemy is, if we fight with courage and conviction we shall be victorious.”

About the group: Our group Sarsa was established in 2003 in Sipajhar, almost 56 km from Gauhati. The main aim of the group was to keep the traditional folk and culture alive through our productions. We work both for children and adults and conduct various theatre workshops, theatre festivals along with folk culture festival.

No pressure on children:  We do many variations in our plays. Biral Topaswee was first performed with Bodo artistes in our region. But when I gave this script to these children, the outcome came after we had a fun session with children. We enjoy working with children.


Moi Tuniye Tun Tunalo

Talking about his play ‘Moi Tuniye Tun Tunalo’, Parag Sarmah says, “The main aim of the play is to connect the children with their roots, language and literature. That’s the reason we have incorporated poems of many Assamese literary laureates, whose work probably this younger generation doesn’t know. Our other focus is presenting everything in a simple way.”

About the group: Parag Sarma, a NSD graduate himself, formed Inli foundation to familiarize the Assamese kids, born and brought up in Delhi, with the rich heritage and moral values of Assamese society through the medium of Drance, Drama and Music.

Parents’ viewpoint on the foundation: We as parents of the participants are very happy to send our kids to the Inli foundation. It gives our kids to a holistic approach. Parag sir knows so well about the hidden talent of every kid and he exactly brings that out. Children also love to go for their rehearsals because he teaches everything in a playful manner.


Real Wings

Talking about his play ‘Real Wings’, Ashish Deo Charan says,”We do not come to know when we have forgotten to live in the effort of fulfilling these desires. The story shares the infinite desires of a man.”

Why a sad ending? The ending was decided by children only. We could have given some other ending too but children wanted it to be in that way.

Scenario of theatre: Children theatre is in a poor shape in Jodhpur. I am only director, who is working with children in my state. Parents don’t feel that there is any career scope with theatre. Even in schools, they have dance teacher but no teacher for theatre. Dance teacher only teaches drama.  

*Tomorrow’s Highlights (Meet The Director): (Venue: T.I.E Company, NSD; Time:10:00 am)

Name of the Directors attending the session:

·  Mr Arghya Dey Sarkar, play director (Hoi Boi Choi)

·  Mr Shena Gamat (Stepping Stones)

·  Mr. Arpita Dhagat , play director (Ukhaanu)

Meet The Director


Directors of three plays including Asim Kumar Nath (Biral Topaswee), Parag Sarmah (Moi Tuniya tun Tunalo) and Ashish Deo Charan along with his team attended the session today. Besides the directors and participants, . Shri Suwarn Rawat, a NSD graduate and founder member of T.I.E, and Mr Hafiz Khan, chief coordinator of Jashnebachpan, were also present at the meet.


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