Weekly health reading by Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Weekly health reading by Dr. Madhu Kotiya

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29 October - 3 November 2018

Weekly Health Readings by Dr. Madhu Kotiya





This week you need to balance your health efforts with your professional and personal responsibilities. You need to consider health as your priorities otherwise, your health will definitely suffer. Make sure that you are taking time out to rest, relax and heal. Meditation and yoga are the solution. Your goal should focus on progress and not perfection.


Affirmation: I know that the undercurrent of life is calm. I can express peace and harmony at any time I choose.





This week your health will be giving you positive signals. This is a result of all the hard work you have been investing to improve your health. You are on the right track, keep doing what you are doing. But don’t overload yourself with too much work; you need some rest and follow the easy tips to improve the quality of your health.


Affirmation: I release the need of my body and soul and allow a more engaging and exciting task to keep myself positive





This week you will enjoy high energy and will know how to use this energy for the well-being of your health. This is an excellent time to start or elevate a fitness plan as you may be able to make more progress than you thought possible. You have the strong will to rise above your pressures and push yourself to attain a healthy body and a mind.


Affirmation: I am at my healthy best and am proud of it. The energy and vitality of life is alive in each cell of my body.






Your health is not good this week and may experience some kind of ailment or illness which could be physical or can also be a mental trauma. Thus, you need to keep a positive attitude to heal faster and to enjoy a good health. Do not think about the past and the focus should be in the present. Practice meditation to balance your body and mind.


Affirmation:I am in control of my health issues. My confidence and radiant joy expands to everyone around me.





This week your health may suffer. Health problems or illness may crop up which may interrupt with your financial planning. You may not be taking sufficient care of your body and ignoring its needs. Timely attention is very important, prevention is better than cure. Give yourself the care and the required medical attention.


Affirmation: I am in control of my health and possess the abilities to recover from any illness





This week your health will not be good. It’s important that you are disciplined during this phase. You need to direct your energy in the right manner and in right direction. Maintaining good health by staying active is the mantra. You should relax and enjoy your free time provided that you carry out a well thought fitness regime.


Affirmation: I choose to love myself and be at peace with my life. I will let go of all my destructive habits and be close to my spirit.






This week you will witness an incredible energy within. A good health combined with a youthful energy will keep you on your toes. It is time to listen to your body with great care and great compassion. Indulge yourself in playful activities so you can have fun and stay fit at the same time. Do not stop with your meditation routine.


Affirmation: Relief is flooding my mind as I know that abundance is manifest within me. I will maintain my positive vibes for the betterment of my soul and body





This week you have all the necessary energy to improve your health, if you make your mind to do so. This is the right time to decide your health regime on your own and get the desired results. It all depends on you because if you decide to work on it, you will achieve your goal and in a realistic way. Try to vent out any negative feelings, to keep your soul and body healthy.


Affirmation:I breathe in relief and know that I can handle whatever comes into my life.





You have been overburdening yourself with tasks which may cause stress and anxiety. This can take a serious toll on your health, therefore, you need to be careful. First and foremost, you need to calm down and make sure that you are getting adequate rest and sleep. If stress has been persistent you need to get medication for the same.


Affirmation: My horizons are broadened and my experiences are enriched by various opportunities.






You need to be very careful, as this period is indicating of a poor health. You may feel exhausted as you are refusing to take care of yourself and neglecting the needs of your body. You are moving away from complete physical and mental well-being. So you must take care of yourself and get required medical attention or exercise regularly to keep your body and mind fit.


Affirmation: I am vibrant with energy and bursting with life in my new body. I will take care of myself.






This week you are likely to encounter your inner strength. You will take control of your own health, this could be getting rid of bad habits or starting a new regime which will be good for yourphysical wellbeing. The drive to take action by exercising regularly and adopting healthy eating habits will help you in making this positive transition.


Affirmation:I recognize the abundance in my life and effortlessly work towards the wellbeing of everyone around.





 You are likely to experience a good health if you aware of the needs of your body listen to your body with great care and compassion. Be spiritual, it might be helpful to give yourself the time and space to consider your mental needs too. The stability of body, mind and spirit is the theme of the week. You can heal yourself completely, just be in tune with nature and maintain a positive mind set.


Affirmation: I embrace the wisdom that makes up who I am. I allow it to develop and express through me.


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