Weekly health reading by Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Weekly health reading by Dr. Madhu Kotiya

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22 - 28 October 2018

Weekly Health Readings by Dr. Madhu Kotiya





This week listen to your body with care and compassion. In case you are having health issues, then it is advisable not to take too much stress about them. Try to channelize your emotions in a healthy way. Don’t get too much into work. Be playful and have some fun. You can indulge yourself in some kind of outdoor sport activities that will help you connect with your inner child that will also improve your health.


Affirmation: I approve of myself. I love myself deeply and fully.






Some information regarding your health has not been revealed to you. If you feel that something is not correct with your body, then pay attention to your concerns. There is no need to panic and to feel negative about the situation. Trust your intuition and look for alternate ways for help. Try to be patient while awaiting results. If you feel considering a different health care practitioner can help you, then go for it.


Affirmation: I am worthy of love and joy.





You need to take action to improve your health condition. If you have a laid back approach towards a health issue, then, it may worsen your current condition. A proper exercise or a nutritional food, whatever steps and efforts are required should be taken now. Even though you have positive energy, a follow through is necessary. You are likely to get distracted, it won’t be easy, but take control.


Affirmation: My life is a gift. I will use this gift with confidence, joy and high spirits.





This week, news with regard to health will be positive and your efforts are likely to bear fruit. You have control over your situations, so, take advantage of this and look for an alternative ways to deal with health challenges. You can also consider things basis its long term benefits, this will help you to improve your health situation and also lay a strong foundation for it to be robust in the future.


Affirmation: I will surround myself with positive people who will help bring the best out in me.





In terms of health, patience is the key. If you are facing health issues, then you need to act with greater foresight and wisdom. Those awaiting test results, don’t panic and jump to conclusions. Trust your intuition, if you are not confident about a particular treatment or a test. Don’t go for it, as you may be right. You can consider some other health care practitioner or alternate ways of treatment.


Affirmation: I release my negative thoughts and embrace positivity and optimism.





For your good health, you need to pay very close attention to your emotions. There will be situations when you will not be able to deal with the challenges. If you are suffering an illness or awaiting test results, then, stay positive and seek help by talking to someone. There may be information that you don’t know about, so, look for things that will help you determine your path forward. Eating right, getting enough sleep and exercise will help you.


Affirmation: I am healthy, well-groomed and confident. My inner peace and harmony is matched by my outer well-being.





This week you need to maintain balance even in your daily routine activities like eating right and getting enough rest. If you are facing health problems, understand that things will get better. You are mentally strong and stable, wherein you know what you should do at this time. Trying to get things back on track when they are out of balance will get you in good shape. Therefore, ensure and healthy body and mind connection to keep going.


Affirmation: I am worthy of love.





Any news with regard to your health, is going to be good. At present, you are in a strong position and have the ability to control what happens around you. All your efforts towards the improvement of your health will be fruitful. Be careful about a long term view and an attempt to try alternative ways to treat and deal with health challenges if any. All depends on you so take advantage of this positive period in your life.


Affirmation: I do not need someone else to feel happiness.





A major turmoil on the health front will shake you up. It may be a health problem that may take longer than usual to heal. This may have a bad impact on your spiritually, mentally and physically. Your optimistic thinking process can help you come out of this situation. Make use of this hard time to build a stronger inner self. Pay attention to how you are treating your body. Stay positive and calm.


Affirmation: My imperfection make me unique and special.




You will be required to balance your health efforts with your personal and professional responsibilities. You are moving into a phase wherein you need to be patient and alert as you need to juggle between all aspects of your life. Be sure you are taking time out for your own healing and relaxation. There is a tendency to be distracted by day-to-day affairs and general busyness so prioritizes your activities and manages your time well to avoid suffering on account of your health.


Affirmation: I take responsibility for who I am, the bad and the good.





Your vitality will be quite strong at this time. You are self-motivated to make any health efforts and have a lot of ‘get up and go’ attitude. This is an excellent time to increase or decrease a fitness plan as you will make more progress than you can imagine. However, you need to take care of channelizing this energy in the right manner. Acting on an impulse of any sort may create health problems for you. So be aggressive but controlled at the same time.


Affirmation: Every decision I make is the right one for me.





You might face health challenges at this time. Worrying unnecessarily is not going to help. Even in the face of serious problems, you need to hold your ground. A positive attitude will give you the motivation to do the right thing for your health. If the situation requires you to take medical tests, then go out and get them done from a trusted practitioner. You are a battler so believe in yourself and walk the path of recovery with courage. Your health will shine again with your efforts in diet, exercise and rest.


Affirmation: I am pain free and totally in sync with life.

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