Weekly Health Readings 1 - 7 October 2018

Weekly Health Readings 1 - 7 October 2018

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by Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Weekly Health Readings by Dr. Madhu Kotiya





You will able to remain cool and poised amidst of loads of work that will make you exhausted and strained. You will experience limitless energy and stamina which will also prove as your support system. Try to use your energy in creative direction. Health will remain good the entire week and you will also have a control on your sensory delights too. You should follow a disciplined life that will make you physical & mental strong and eventually pave a way for success.


Affirmation: Yes, you can do it and your Angels know it. They want you to believe it too.





You will feel depressed and gloomy this week as things are not going your way. Due to some or the other health issues, you will be in stress. You don’t have to panic, just keep a regular check on your BP, sugar and blood and you need a regular medical attention. Stay positive because this is a temporary phase. Do meditation and you will be able to attain balance of mind and there will be a change in situation. Stress is the biggest diseases in itself.


Affirmation: It’s time to make a decision about what you really want and resolve to find a way to make it happen.





Like a warrior, you will fight with your health issues and come back winning. With this you have realized the importance of health care. Till now you were negligent, but with time you are becoming conscious and aware of body and mind requirements. The proverb – Prevention is better than cure, suits your correctly. If possible attend classed or seminars on healing therapies and implement in your life.


Affirmation: Your healing is occurring from within and your Angels are supporting the process too. Trust that you will be okay.





Your tension is being reflected in all your works. Listen to your inner voice when it comes to your health issues. If you are not sure about a diagnosis, or you don’t feel comfortable with your medical attendees get a second opinion. For those who have the bad habit of alcohol or drugs, this is a time to avoid and indulge in some kind of intoxication. This is also a great time to access the great spiritual books you’ll get more out of them than usual.


Affirmation: Give freely your time and attention to someone you care about, they need it.






This week you will see some changes in your health, do not resist these changes else it will affect your health. Try to stay calm and keep your stress level under control. When in doubt, go back to the basics. Proper nutrition, rest and adequate exercise will put you back on the track. Be optimistic. Do follow yoga and meditation. Some of you may experience a positive surge in your current health situation. Enjoy this new found energy and channelize it in the best way possible.


Affirmation: Trust and follow your inner guidance, you know far more than you think you do.





You are likely to spend the entire week worrying. Keeping a positive attitude even when facing serious health challenges, can work wonders. If you are doubtful of something being wrong with your physical being, make sure that you take a medical support. Trust your inner voice. By facing your fears and turning them to your advantage, you grow even stronger, and ready to face the next obstacle in your path.


Affirmation: Remember if the things doesn’t go as per your wish, it’s because the Angels have something much better planned.





You will be high and happy on health front. This week you will be feeling full of vitality, hopeful and optimistic about the future. If you’re waiting on test results, stay relaxed as the result will be in your favour. Think about your usual mode of thought, remember that your mindset affect your health. Try to keep a positive approach towards life. You are in the position now to mentor others and to share the spiritual insights that you have accumulated.


Affirmation: Small things can mean so much, and a thoughtful moment is sure to make you smile.





If you pay proper attention, then your health will remain good. In the starting of the week you will feel active, agile and enthusiastic with your creative energy. But be careful, as the week progresses some health issue may crop which need your immediate attention. Go and consult with the doctor. There is cure of everything. Those who are trying for the conception might need short course of treatment or a minor surgery. Stay positive.


Affirmation: Welcome the new people coming into your life as they are being sent from Heaven to heal you.





Finally, you will realize yourself and stop some bad habits that you know are bad for you and start something that is good for you. Expect some distressed nerves as you’re making this transition. Take good care of yourself, only then will you truly be able to care adequately for others. Physical exercise is particularly important now, joining a gym or fitness regime will be great help for you.


Affirmation: Value your worth and do not let the negativity of bad habits and bad influences bring you down.





Health wise, this week will be a tough time for you. You may have to face a period of illness. Worrying about the situation will make things worse. Stay optimistic because after every crisis there is a promise of good time. Don’t let your health problems lead to a decline in your spiritual growth. Be very positive about it and reach out to others for help. Doing meditation will be a great booster. So change your situation for good.


Affirmation: Trust that an optimistic attitude acts as a happiness magnet. Make sure to expect the best result.





This week your health is likely to be good. You will be full of energy and enthusiasm. But be careful when exercising, there can be minor sprain or injuries. Don’t overdo anything as you can end up being in a bad shape. It is crucial to start on a health regime for a healthy life. The only thing to take care of is to channelize this new found energy in the right manner.


Affirmation: The angels of prosperity are sending you the blessings in abundance. Ask, believe and receive them with gratitude.





You will find yourself restricted, as far as health matter is concerned. Your fear, anxiety and negative thoughts are holding you back and not allowing to lead a normal life. To bring balance with body, mind and spirit is the need of the hour. Negative thoughts and anxiety always had a bad impact on the health. Find help if you need to in order to bury these damaging negative patterns. Meditate and listen to your inner voice, half of the problems will get solved by itself.


Affirmation: Never settle for anything that is making you unhappy. Make plans to fix it, or move on to something better. 

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