Weekly health reading 17 - 23 September 2018

Weekly health reading 17 - 23 September 2018

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by Dr. Madhu Kotiya



You have to be really alert on the health front. It is because this is a time when you may encounter some health challenges. If you face any health issues, then don’t try to avoid them, rather deal with them well. It is very important that you manage your stress level in order to stay in good health. Try to get rid of that old habit which is harmful for your body. This week try to get enough rest and heal both physically and emotionally.


Affirmation: New ideas or opportunities that come my way might be scary but they are very exciting. I trust that the new path shown to me is for my highest good.





This week you may exhaust yourself with work overload. Stress may take a serious toll on your body and there are things you need to do to rebuild yourself. First and foremost, you have to calm down and take adequate sleep and rest. It is very important that you priorities your activities so that you are able to balance your work and health. Take a break, go on a vacation; it will surely make a huge difference in your well-being.


Affirmation: I know there is no need to be apprehensive about the changes I am going through. I view them as a learning experience and welcome a transition to better times ahead.





This week the key to a good health is moderation and balance. You should focus on eating well, sleeping well and exercising the right amount.  You need to take all this in account in order to stay healthy. Evaluate and see where you are out of balance and try to remedy it. Even juggling between your work and an exercise routine will do wonders to your health.


Affirmation: Often the tenderness we are craving is right there before us, but we don’t see it. All we need to do is reach out to that special one and let them know about our feelings with words or a hug.





This week you should focus on rest and relaxation. Take a break from difficult times such as health worries and stress. It is very important that you develop your mental strength. Therefore, indulge in meditation in a calm atmosphere and do some spiritual thinking. All this will help you to deal with any illness or health challenge. Take things easy and don’t push yourself to do anything as it may cause harm.


Affirmation: I will believe that I deserve the best and so much more could be possible for me.





When it comes to health you should focus on the positive side. Those who are having physical problems, you should pay attention to your diet and exercise along with making some time to rest as well. You might feel demotivated and have a tendency to cut yourself out from the world. This is not advisable, rather go out and take help from a trusted person to move beyond where you are health wise at the moment.


Affirmation: I believe that every one of us should feel loved, secure and cared for.





Chances are there that you might be down with health problems or illness, don’t lose heart. There is still hope for you to come out of it. You need to take a spiritual leap and heal yourself with meditation and positive thinking. This will do wonders for you. It totally depends on your way of dealing with health challenges. Take care and allow yourself to get in touch with your inner strength to heal faster.


Affirmation: I release all my unnecessary fears, as I am assured of a happy outcome.





You will witness a high level of energy and vitality this week. You will be quite active, but make sure to take out time for adequate rest as well. Females who are planning to start a family will get the news that they want. You are able to take care of yourself and when faced with health challenges, with a positive mind set you will not only face them but will be able to overcome them.


Affirmation: I will slow down and consider all the aspects before rushing into anything. I will take wise decisions as it will be beneficial for a long term.





Health wise this is not a great time for you. You may have health challenges due to anxiety, stress and worry that will affect your life now. Make sure you are treating yourself well with a balanced diet, exercise and fluid intake. More than this, meditation and breathing exercises are advisable.  The time requires you to stay positive and patient to deal successfully with what lies ahead.


Affirmation: I know I am not alone and that my angels are with me right now looking after me and protecting me through all the difficulties.





This week you will have plenty of opportunities to entertain yourself and spend quality which will be reflected in your health. The charm and attraction in your persona will be magnetic and others feel positive vibes in your company. You will be inspiring and the centre of attraction at some get together. Family plays a major role in your success whether it is personal or professional.


Affirmation: I have faith that a solution will materialize and provide an opportunity to ensure the provision of my practical requirements.





This week you will enjoy the warmth of relations and a healthy life style. You feel physically, emotionally and spiritually a sound and a happy person. Will all the positivity around you may feel divine powers bestowing their blessings. Things are in their right place making you tension free. Those who are heart and BP patients could be recovering very fast with proper medical attention and their own will power.


Affirmation: I will let go of my past as it is eroding the happiness of my present and preventing me from moving forward into the future.





Your health will suffer this week. Chance of having some seasonal ailments are indicated. Drink plenty of water, and consume green salads. It is advisable to avoid tea and coffee, or any kind of addiction in this week. Wear more of yellow and pastel colors in your dresses. Focus on meditation and yoga or other healing exercises too to remain fit & healthy.


Affirmation: I will take time to be still and reflect on all the beauty that surrounds my life. I will treat myself with utmost care and compassion to restore my energy level.





This week is full of energy and your health remains good. A healthy you will take charge of your near and dear ones too. You are strict in the matters of diet, work, rest or medical attention. Your theory of prevention is better than cure will work well and you bear the fruits of your determination. You are inspirational, motivator and have strong will power to turn the situation in your favor.


Affirmation: I am on the right path and will not let any lack of confidence to hold me back.

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