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Santanu Ganguly was a regular to the Cinefan Film Festival since the beginning. He has joined the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC, www.netpacasia.org ) team in 2003 and started programming the films for the 5 Cinefan Festival of Asian Cinema, under the supervision of veteran film scholar, filmmaker, film-historian, festival director- Ms. Aruna Vasudev. As Cinefan had been merge with Osian's in 2004, since that time to till 2008, from 6th to 10th edition of the Osian’s-Cinefan Festival of Asian & Arab Cinema, he has been curated under her guidance. He has also programmed the 11th edition of Osian’s-Cinefan Film Festival under the guidance of veteran filmmaker Mani Kaul.

Beside the Osian's-Cinefan, he also programming the Thrissur International Film Festival (TIFF) at Thrissur in Kerala from the beginning of the year of 2006. The 5th Edition of TIFF happened in August 2010. For this festival he need to curate the International Feature and Indian feature film sections.

Social Communication Cinema Conference organised by Roopkala Kendro, a film making institution under the Government of West Bengal at Kolkata, here he is involved as a Festival Programmer for the International section as well as the Hindi Urdu section. Since 2008, he is involved with the Conference. The last conference successfully held on 15-21 February 2011 at Kolkata.

In the Kolkata Film Festival, he is curating the International Forum of World Cinema section since last three years, 2008 onwards. Here his responsibility to curate the International Feature and Indian feature film sections.

In 2009 he has successfully programed the 1st Ahmedabad International Film Festival and the Indian Film Section at the Chungmuro International Film Festival at Chungmuro near Seoul in South Korea.

The 1st Pravasi Film Festival at New Delhi in 2010, where Santanu was responsible as Film Selector and Festival Designer, as he independently design and visualize the concept and theme of the very successful 1st edition of the film festival.

CINE ASA 2nd Guwahati International Film Festival (18th -24th January 2010) also programmed by him.

He was also responsible for the press and media coordination of NETPAC Imaging Asia Film Conference in August 2010 in Delhi.

During August to December he was working with the Directorate of Film Festival, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India for the International Film Festival of India (IFFI). The 41st edition of the biggest and oldest film festival of India held at Goa on 22 November – 2 December 2010. Where he was responsible for the curation of the Cinema of the World and the Competition sections.

He has very successfully organised the 6th International Film Festival of Thrissur (IFFT) in Kerala. Here first time he was programming the festival as Chief Curator with the responsibility to showcase the contemporary Indian as well as world cinema and Michael Cacoyannis Retrospective, 25-31 March 2011.

The 1st edition of the City Pulse World Cinema: Gandhinagar International Film Festival in Gujarat, was the unbelievable success here also he was working as an independent curator to design the whole festival for the City Pulse Film and Television Institute, affiliated to Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan. The festival was held on 21-15April 2011 at Gandhinagar the capital of Gujarat and the 2nd edition held on 30 August to 3 September 2012.

After the great success of Gandhinagar the Municipal Corporation and film society from Surat also organised the 1st Narmad International Film Festival, Surat 2011 from 16-19 June. Which was also seen an unexpected overwhelmed response from the local audience for first time to be exposed towards the regional Indian cinema as well as the non-Hollywood international movies.

Recently he has done the Jagran Film Festival, a travelling film festivals in 13 various cities in northern India, Kolkata Film Festival (10-17 November 2012) and the newly started 2nd Kolkata International Children Film Festival 21-28 December 2012.

Santanu Ganguly is regularly writing for Incredible India, An Indian Journey, Creative Mind, Spice Route, Sattva and Eclectic Times, Le City Deluxe magazines on Cinema, art, book, music, fashion and travel.

Beside a Film Festival Curator, Santanu Ganguly is regularly writing for Incredible India, An Indian Journey, Creative Mind, Spice Route, Sattva and Eclectic North East magazines on Cinema, art, book, music, fashion and travel. He also writes for various websites.

Incredible India, published by the Durga Das Publications from Delhi for the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. An Indian Journey is also published by the Durga Das Publications from Delhi. Both the magazines are available all star hotels across the country, all the Indian High Commission through out the world.

Spice Route is the in-flight magazine of Spice Jet airlines, which also publish from Delhi by Maxposure Media Ltd.

Sattva, is again published from Delhi by the NGO Manav Media Foundation. Beside the stand this magazine have a huge corporate clientele. The main focus of the magazine are – Lifestyle, fashion, wellness, Tourism etc.

For the above mentioned magazines, Santanu writes on Travel, Hotel / Restaurant review, Fashion, special events, Book review, Music Review and also celebrity interviews. For Spice Route beside all the topics, he also writes on VIDEO reviews.

Creative Mind is based on art, literature, cinema, music, books and artist, publishing from Delhi. This is one of the very respected magazine among the artist and literature fraternity. I have my regular travel column in the magazine.

Art & Deal is a Delhi based art magazine, edited by Siddhartha Tagore. Here also Santanu writes regularly on cinema, literature, art and culture. Eclectic North East is the only English life-style magazine from North East. Usually they cover all the above mentioned topics, but they mostly focused on North Eastern part of India only.

Le City Deluxe India, is a niche upper class life style magazine published from Delhi. The web edition available on www.le-citydeluxe.com the magazine is favoutire like hot cake among the upper class people of the society, which is focus mainly on power people, art and aesthetics, incredible destinations, fashion and high end brands.